Monday, 15 February 2010

Shook Top 5

Another top 5 for you from another fantastic up-and-coming producer. We've been enjoying Shook's stuff for a while now and thought it was time to spread the word... And the tunes. Without further ado...

TOP 5 video clips that got me all shook up

1. As a kid I always wanted to play jazz piano like Ahmad Jamal. But there is NO WAY of course. This video explains a lot. I listened to this piece over and over again just to hear the switches in the bass and the interaction between Gary Burton and Ahmad Jamal. There are just so many musical ideas going on in this piece, it's just a musical gold mine.

2. Bob James is a major inspiration for me. He composed such great music. The Taxi theme song 'Angela' is just brilliant. His melodies will tear right through you.

Watch Here

3. Who doesn't like Herbie? Who doesn't like Quincy? What if they are both in the studio making music? Well, the answer is: Magic.

4. Alright, now something totally different. As a kid I watched a lot of Disney. Yeah, Disney! The movie Fantasia struck me the most in terms of an audio visual experience. Looking back at it now, it opened a lot of doors in the sense of a perfect fusion between the two. Visuals were in perfect harmony with the music. It didn't distract from the music at all. The visuals made the music only stronger. See for yourself in this piece where they play Bach's Toccata in D-minor.

5. I like cats. And I like Hall & Oats. So here is Hall & Oats and my favorite youtube cat. This will make your day.


Download one of Shook's originals and his Jupiter remix below:

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