Monday, 11 January 2010

B-Xentric's Top 5 Inspiring Sounds for 2010

Ok! This is the first of a new regular feature on the HWD blog. We’ve been emailing some of HWD's friends and collaborators to ask them to send us a Top 5 list of…absolutely anything they want! First up, our good friend and ‘Take My Picture’ remixer, B-Xentric, who has sent us his Top 5 songs and sounds which are inspiring his sound for 2010. In his words this is “a small window into what I listen to”. Check out the tracks below, along with B-Xentric’s reasons for the tracks making his Top 5.

1. Retrovox – ‘Midnight Star’ – “It’s all about the rollin bass for me on this track.”

2. Carmen – ‘Time To Move’ – “I love the great pop voice of this vocalist along with the great synth stabs.”

3. Cerrone – ‘Give Me Love’ – “Bongos will be making their first appearance on my tracks all because of this track.”

4. Dam-Funk – ‘Galactic Fun’ – “I love the good vibes this creates with its lead melody and good vibes are important in a track for me, I wanna make peeps smile not gurn.”

5. Chic – ‘Le Freak’ – “Pure disco track, on this I’m listening carefully to the guitar as I now have a guitarist for my productions.”

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