Wednesday, 20 January 2010

D.O.D.'s Top 5 Tracks That Inspire His Sound

Another Top 5 for you - this time from D.O.D.

Top 5 Tracks That Describe My Very Unusual Sound:

1. Beni - Maximus (Harvard Bass Remix)

2. Jakes - Warface

3. Nikolai Markus - Bushes (Fatboy Slim Remix)

4. Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (BeatauCue Remix)

5. All Seeing I - The Beat Goes On

Thanks to D.O.D for that - download his remix of the classic Stranglers track Golden Brown below. This is a nice coincidence actually because Pete always tries to play Golden Brown in our rehearsals even though he doesn't know the chords. This repeated insult to the legacy of a great song upsets Yoni and Becky no end and we are glad that we are able to finally vent our frustrations in public. Thank you internet.

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