Monday, 18 January 2010

Club Smith's Top 5 Videos Ever!

A stunning selection of videos from Club Smith, who we like because they live in Yorkshire, like us! Go and check them out on their MySpace, and in the meantime download their track 'The Courtyard' from their new The Loss E.P. below. 

Club Smith's Top 5 Videos Ever!

5. 'Pumping on your Stereo' Supergrass:

"A bit like the Scissor Sisters 'She's my Man' video. But LOADS better."

4. 'Can You Feel It' The Jacksons:

"Apparently, the Jacksons were so into the idea of themselves as gargantuan cosmic messiahs that they agreed to let the song be almost inaudible for many parts of the video. Ace."

3. 'Toe Jam' The BPA and David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal:

"One of those music vids that you'll just never forget. Norman Cook's cameo is a highlight.
Apparently there's an un-censored version somewhere to be found but i wouldn't want to spoil it."

2. 'Can you give it' Maccabees:

"Beautiful grainy scenery, English nostalgia, endearing characters and broken bones. It's like Last of the Summer Wine meets the X-Games."

1. 'Sabotage' Beastie Boys:

"Spike Jonze is a bit of a hero of mine, from his low budget skate videos to big-budget, heart-felt blockbusters his stuff has always excited me. Moustaches, aviators, fat ties and amature stunts.. What's not to like?!"

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